Monday, February 9, 2009

Sandwich Heaven

I just made the most heavenly sandwiches for the charity trivia night that we attend every year (we finished 5th out of 50 tables, not too shabby, although I was kicking myself that I could not remember what crazy celebrity had named their child "Pilot Inspektor" - It was Jason Lee, in case you ever need to know), and I just have to share because they are SO easy, and SO good. The recipe came from my friend L, one of my sorority sisters. She makes them for every bridal shower, baby shower, and beach trip, and we always fight over them. I think I'm going to make them for Miss Priss's third birthday party. Here you go . . .

1 to 1.5 lbs deli turkey (or roast beef), sliced very, very thinly (practically shaved works best - It's fine if it's falling apart)
One package Good Seasons Italian Dressing mix WITH cruet.
Ranch Salad Dressing (bottled)
House Rolls (bought at any standard grocery store)

Prepare Italian dressing (in cruet) according to package directions. Fill the rest of the cruet up to the rim with Ranch dressing and shake well. Mix cruet of dressing with deli meat, stir well (if it doesn't fall apart as you stir it, you might want to cut up the meat to facilitate the blending. Spoon meat/salad dressing mixture onto house rolls. Refrigerate until chilled. Serve and receive rave compliments. :)


Pink Flamingo said...

ooo, those sandwiches sounds fabulous! :)

SMR in the City said...

Isn't that the oddest name?! And those sandwiches sound soo yummy!

susanne said...

OK - I actually got off my SOFA to get some paper to write down this recipe. YUM!!!