Monday, February 9, 2009

Sandwich Heaven

I just made the most heavenly sandwiches for the charity trivia night that we attend every year (we finished 5th out of 50 tables, not too shabby, although I was kicking myself that I could not remember what crazy celebrity had named their child "Pilot Inspektor" - It was Jason Lee, in case you ever need to know), and I just have to share because they are SO easy, and SO good. The recipe came from my friend L, one of my sorority sisters. She makes them for every bridal shower, baby shower, and beach trip, and we always fight over them. I think I'm going to make them for Miss Priss's third birthday party. Here you go . . .

1 to 1.5 lbs deli turkey (or roast beef), sliced very, very thinly (practically shaved works best - It's fine if it's falling apart)
One package Good Seasons Italian Dressing mix WITH cruet.
Ranch Salad Dressing (bottled)
House Rolls (bought at any standard grocery store)

Prepare Italian dressing (in cruet) according to package directions. Fill the rest of the cruet up to the rim with Ranch dressing and shake well. Mix cruet of dressing with deli meat, stir well (if it doesn't fall apart as you stir it, you might want to cut up the meat to facilitate the blending. Spoon meat/salad dressing mixture onto house rolls. Refrigerate until chilled. Serve and receive rave compliments. :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If you can't dress up for God, who can you dress up for?

OK, now I know that I am at the far end of the prissy spectrum. I am not shy about that. That said, I simply must climb up on my monogrammed soapbox and express my views about church attire. I am a Methodist, born and raised. My church growing up was pretty "high church" - Lots of formal, traditional music (which I still love to this day), choir robes, etc. It went without saying that you dressed up for church. Heels, pearls, you name it. Everyone always looked great, and it was so nice.

Now, Mr. Belle is a good Midwestern Catholic boy, and so last week (as we often do) we attended the Catholic church that we go to (we also go to a Methodist church periodically - we go to one or the other every week). Please understand that the observation I am about to make is not unique to the Catholic church - I think it is a sign of the times everywhere. However, I just happened to really notice it at our Catholic church. Every time I go, I will admit that I am horrified by the attire I see around me. Jeans. Shorts. Sports jerseys. SERIOUSLY??? While I certainly appreciate the fact that everyone in attendance has made the effort to come to church, would it be so hard to look a little more presentable? Miss Priss and Master P are always decked out for church in their smocked and monogrammed best -They look so sweet and angelic, and I love it. Meanwhile, half the children there are dressed like something the cat dragged in. You don't have to be dressed in expensive finery to look like you put some thought into what you are wearing to church. I suppose this is not what I should be thinking about while I am in church, but I just can't help it!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That's my boy!!!

I know that I have been AWOL forever - Work has been too crazy, and I haven't had anything interesting to write about - Until now.

Sooooo, Mr. Belle and Master P were watching the Inaugural festivities last night while I was out to dinner with some friends. Apparently, they were watching the Neighborhood Ball when Beyonce came onstage to sing for the Obamas' first dance, and this was the exchange between my husband and son:

Master P: What's she doing?
Mr. Belle: She is going to sing for the President and First Lady for them to dance.
Master P: What's her name?
Mr. Belle: Beyonce. She's a very good singer, and she's very pretty.
Master P: But not as pretty as Mommy.
Mr. Belle: That's my boy.

Awwwww. So well-trained. :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Elf Invasion

Last night, we were invaded by elves. If you haven't heard of this tradition, check out Elf Magic ( - Basically, Master P and Miss Priss write to Santa each year asking if he could spare some elves during the Christmas season. They come to visit, and proceed to wreak havoc in our house. We sprinkle them with "North Pole Snowflakes" (a little shaker of white paper confetti) each evening, leave them with crackers and water, and when we wake up in the morning, we find "The Mischief" as Master P calls it. Sometimes, the mischief is pretty tame, but sometimes, the elves are super naughty - The elves who visit the family of my friend Cathy ( are SUPER naughty - getting into folded laundry and hanging underwear on the tree, "driving" their minivan into the bushes in front of their house, etc. Ours tend to be a little more tame (mostly because I will admit to a striking lack of creativity in this area). The biggest hit last year was when the elves climbed up and rode our ceiling fan in the family room - Master P loved it because after a few rotations, the elves had a tendency to go flying off across the room. So, we're back on elf duty, until they return to the North Pole with Santa on Christmas Eve. Tonight, I think that they are going to dump a package of marshmallows into the powder room sink and take a marshmallow bath . . . That should be a hit. I've already decided that on Saturday morning, when we leave for NC, they are going to be in the car ready to go, with Bradford at the wheel of the SUV, and Eugenie strapped into Miss Priss's car seat. Maybe we can actually convince them to drive us there!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa Success!

Soooo, last year, Miss Priss was . . . not a fan of Santa. It was an all-out, full-scale Festival of Shrieking (poor Santa - he was a really good sport).
This year, I feared that we would have more of the same, because we've had months of "I not sit in Santa's lap" comments from her. One year of the Screaming Picture on Santa's lap is cute - something for the wedding rehearsal dinner slideshow. Two years in a row, and you start to look like you are torturing your children. However, we saw a ray of light a few weeks ago, when Master P informed her that Santa would give her toys (we had mentioned this, but the light seemed to go on when he told her). She started saying, "If I sit on Santa's lap, he will bring me princesses." Yes, baby - That's PRECISELY right. Heck, if you sit on Santa's lap and smile, Mommy might even get him to bring you a PONY. Seeing my window of opportunity, I talked it up BIG all week, and finally on Friday, I decided to suck it up and take the plunge . . . SUCCESS!!!! I even got a darling, smiley picture out of it. Plus, at the end of their time with Santa, both kids gave him a huge hug:

It was a very happy mommy moment. Plus, I apparently captured lightning in a bottle, because when we went to Breakfast with Santa the next morning, she was back to old ways - refusing to sit on his lap, and just waving at him from behind Mr. Belle. Oh, well. I got my picture, and DFS isn't going to come get me for Santa Torture, so it's all good.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hellooooo, Gorgeous!!

Oh, dear. I just had to email Mr. Belle and tell him I've been naughty. So very, very naughty. Rue La La's Kate Spade boutique opened this morning, and they had the oh so beautiful hot pink Tarrytown Quinn bag (ret. $395) for an amazing $178!!!! Needless to say, Santa is sending it to my house - hot pink with navy polka dot trim? It had Carolina Belle written all over it. I hope that Mr. Belle won't give me a lump of coal in my stocking, but some deals are just too good to pass up . . . Soooo, get thee to Rue La La ASAP! There are still some cute bags left (and some darling shoes).

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

At last!!! Christmas cards out the door!

Sigh. I am so relieved - I just dropped 100+ Christmas cards in the mailbox! I didn't think I would ever get them out the door. They've been sitting on the desk half finished for two weeks! We traveled to Chapel Hill this past weekend for a dear sorority sister's wedding, and then I hosted my book club (dinner for 11 ladies, plus a cookie exchange) the night after we got home, so there simply hasn't been any time. Finally, last night I sat down and knocked out the rest (well, except for a few stragglers that Mr. Belle hasn't given me the addresses for). Now I feel like I can breathe a little bit. The decorations are up, the cards are out, and the shopping is almost finished! We leave to go back to North Carolina on the 20th to spend Christmas with my family, so time is running short.

I just learned yesterday that I think we are going to the Carolina bowl game in Charlotte on the 27th. Now, the question is, what to wear?? I'm trying to hunt down a Vineyard Vines UNC headband online (clearly, it's not a big item out here in the midwest), but I am struggling mightily. Whatever I wear, I want to wear my new silver Tory Burch Revas with it. Any good suggestions for cute Carolina wear?? I'm tired of all my stuff . . .